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Lymphoedema – Is the swelling of a limb or limbs caused by blockage or damage to the lymphatic system. This can lead to infection, fatigue, fluid retention and swelling.

Patients have found Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage to be especially helpful following surgeries such as those for breast cancer, where lymph nodes may have been removed. MLD improves efficiency of the lymphatic system and increases the body’s ability to combat lymphoedema.

Primary lymphoedema - Usually occurs form birth and can be due to a failure of the lymphatic system.

Secondary lymphoedema - Commonly a result of an outside influence which prevents the lymphatic system form working properly. Such as;

  • Surgery where lymph nodes have been removed

  • Post surgery trauma (including cosmetic surgery)

  • Radiotherapy - which can cause scar tissue that interrupts the normal flow of lymph

  • Accidental trauma, injury or infection             

  • Reduced mobility or paralysis

  • Vein insufficiency

  • Obesity

  • Cancer


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