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At MLDtherapies we tailor our treatment plans with each patient individually, based on research-led best practice. All approaches are fully discussed prior to treatment and these may include:

Fluoroscopy Guided MLD (FG-MLD) 

Manual 'fill and flush' techniques target the most responsive lymphatic pathways for each patient, as identified by Prof. JP Belgrado and developed through the UK Lymphoedema Training Academy (LTA).


Also known as Low Level Laser Therapy, red and near infra-red light accelerates tissue repair, reduces inflammation and relieves pain in the targeted areas. These benefits extend beyond the reduction in lymphoedema.

Custom and non-custom Reduction Therapy

Garments are an effective way for dedicated patients to maintain and progress treatment between appointments. Whether using off the shelf garments, or being fitted for custom fit prescription garments, the wearing of these products between appointments supports the treatment and reduces the risk of rebound.



A more intensive therapy for patients who are not able to use garments, bandaging reduces the risk of rebound through regular appointments where compression is adjusted to the identified limb over a period of 10-14 days.

For patients with atypical lymphatic systems (as can be the case due to post-surgery trauma or congenital defects), we work closely with the LTA to advise suitable treatment options including, where appropriate, undertaking a fluoroscopy.


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