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Lymphatic drainage speeds up the healing process in patients who have recently had, or are planning to have surgery (including cosmetic enhancements). It aids the recovery process by removing toxins and reducing the swelling caused by the surgery trauma, helping the patient feel more like their true-self, sooner. The physical and wider well-being benefits of MLD after surgery means that MLD performed by experienced specialists (MLDUK registered) is part of prescribed recovery programmes by many healthcare providers.

Dr Dennis Wolf (BSc Hons, MBBCh, MRCS, DO-HNS) is a VASER lipo surgeon and aesthetics doctor based in London

Post Operation Recovery Package 

We normally recommend between 6 and 8 sessions in the first instance, with the treatment plan being confirmed during the consultation. Our bespoke care package includes a pre-op consultation and MLD, liaison with surgeon/specialist as needed, regular MLD sessions in the days and weeks after the operation, flexible booking options to accommodate the challenges patients experience after surgery, such as not being able to drive and self lymphatic drainage (SLD) support, to aid recovery at home.

We strongly advise for sessions to be booked prior to the operation to ensure availability

An example of such a package could include:


1 hour consultation, MLD treatment and SLD training

Week one:

2 x 1 hour MLD treatment

Daily SLD treatment at home

Week two:

2x 1 hour MLD treatments

SLD treatment at home every other day

Week three:

2x 1 hour final MLD treatments

Please contact us to discuss your Post Operation Recovery Package needs


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